Arizona Winter 2016

Visit to Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon, Lowell Obsevatory, Petrified Forest and Meteor Creater, AZ
Arizona02-15-2016 024Winter  Meeeeehh... Arizona02-15-2016 025Winter  Entrace to Antelope Canyon Arizona02-15-2016 026Winter Arizona02-15-2016 001Winter  We had the Canyon to ourselves.
Arizona02-15-2016 002Winter Arizona02-15-2016 023Winter Arizona02-15-2016 003Winter  Deep inside the Canyon Arizona02-15-2016 004Winter  Do you see the bear?
Arizona02-15-2016 005Winter  The Heart of Antelope Canyon Arizona02-15-2016 006Winter  Arizona Sunset Arizona02-15-2016 007Winter  Jaws! Arizona02-15-2016 008Winter  Tour guide says to look away from the camera. So... where do we look?
Arizona02-15-2016 009Winter  View looking  up. Arizona02-15-2016 011Winter  Inside the Canyon, a Mini Monument Valley Arizona02-15-2016 012Winter Arizona02-15-2016 013Winter  See the coyote?
Arizona02-15-2016 014Winter  Sculpted by erosion Arizona02-15-2016 015Winter  Exiting the Canyon Arizona02-15-2016 016Winter Arizona02-15-2016 017Winter  Sunset at Lipan Point
Arizona02-15-2016 018Winter Arizona02-15-2016 021Winter  Lipan Point Arizona02-15-2016 022Winter  Lipan Point Arizona02-15-2016 027Winter  Hungry hikers at Big E Steakhouse and Saloon, Tusayan, AZ
Arizona02-16-2016 031Winter  South Rim Visitor Center. "Mabuhay!" Arizona02-16-2016 029Winter  It was 29F in the morning, and the car was frosted.  Three hours later, we were over-bundled! Arizona02-16-2016 028Winter  People. People everywhere. Arizona02-16-2016 030Winter
Arizona02-16-2016 032Winter Arizona02-16-2016 033Winter Arizona02-16-2016 034Winter Arizona02-16-2016 035Winter  16-ft Clark Telescope
Arizona02-17-2016 036Winter Arizona02-17-2016 037Winter Arizona02-17-2016 038Winter  One of the many petrified logs, a wonderful work of art. Arizona02-17-2016 039Winter
Arizona02-17-2016 040Winter Arizona02-17-2016 041Winter  Rainbow Forest, south entrance of Petrified Forest Arizona02-17-2016 043Winter Arizona02-17-2016 044Winter
Arizona02-17-2016 045Winter Arizona02-17-2016 046Winter Arizona02-17-2016 047Winter Arizona02-17-2016 049Winter
Arizona02-17-2016 053Winter  Jasper Forest Arizona02-17-2016 050Winter  On the view deck, wth 35 mph winds,  Meteor Creater. "I'm the Queen of the World!"  Huh...? Arizona02-17-2016 051Winter Arizona02-17-2016 052Winter
Arizona02-17-2016 054Winter  Winslow AZ's Meteor Creater = 20 football fields