Our Trip to Newport, Rhode Island


Lighthouse at Castlehill.

Lighthouse on a rocky coastline, Beavertail State Park, Jamestown.

Newport is famous for its Mansions.

We did not see any of The Mansions but a lot of the "houses" were HUGE. This gate leads to one of them.

Cool and foggy. Perfect for these Gurus.

Relaxing at the Visitor's Center.

Running our first mile.

And conquering the Cliff Walk running.

You'd go oohs and aaahs as you walk past these properties that lined the Cliff Walk.

It was a foggy Saturday.

Enjoying the cool cool ocean breeze.

Mica and Dad going past Mom.

Waiting for mom.

"White pebble for my ca-lec-shun."

Admiring the flowers at the Wharf.


Whuh.?! Did you remember to load?!!

Guess who took the picture.

Enjoying each other's company.

Psssst! What are you doing, Kuya?

Newport is an old town...with old cars...

Inside St. Mary's Church, where JFK and Jacqueline Bouvier - Kennedy were married.

At the Brick Market on a Sunday. Sun day? Ah! that's why the sun always shines on a Sunday!

Flowers are her favorite.

Guess again who took this picture.

Enjoying the sun-day on the rocky but still beautiful beach.

Karate Master Jacob. Hiyah!