Our long drive to the Midwest, Summer 2004

OH, IN, WI & IL 

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Having fun with Matthew and Erika in their beautiful home in Columbus, Ohio.

All the kids got excited when Tita Cherry brought out the cake.

Jacob looking on as Tito Edcel cut the "Happy Day" cake.

Jong, wife Badette, and daughter Katrina, gave us a tour around Indianapolis.

From Columbus, Ohio, we drove to Indianapolis to visit Jong, Joseph's high school friend, and meet his family.

Getting souvenirs from our visit.

You can tell the time by the position of the blue liquid in the glass tubes of this giant clock.

Getting the feel behind the wheel of a race car.

This was taken just outside the Children's Museum.

From the Museum, we headed straight to downtown and were greeted by this Monument of.... uh... Andres Bonifacio?

Indiana's version of DC's Capitol.

Picture! picture!

Jong and Joseph, ten years later...

Katrina and Mica: "It's our turn."

By the end of the day, we were all so tired we thought... a horse ride? uh! but this horse looked more tired than we were.

Yes, there were a couple of beers, but the cast of what used to be a typical "inuman" now included wives and kids. Ahhh...times have changed.

Jong, Jacob, Badette, and Katrina... the morning before we left for Milwaukee.

Jong with his family, and Gica and Mica, taken outside their lovely home.

Back on the road to Milwaukee.

There were lots of open fields like this in Indiana which Joseph called, "The Tornado Highway." We drove through long stretches of roads that looked like these throughout our trip.

Outside Tita Flory's (right) house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It felt like spring that summer morning in Milwaukee.

Mica, Gica, and Tita Flory...

with Joseph this time.

Chicago was our next stop. We took a river boat ride around the city and marveled at these buildings...




Back on land, still in downtown with its amazing structures.

Hi, my name is Joseph... can you please tell me where the ...hellooo??! Yikes!!

Going back to the hotel after a long day's walk.

This was the view from our hotel room during the day...

.... and the spectacular view at night...


We said goodbye to a beautiful sunny day in Chicago... but not before we visited the Adler's Musuem to gaze at the stars.

Learning about the planets inside Adler.

On our way back to NY, hundreds of miles from Chicago, Dad and Mica find time and place to relax, at a gas station somewhere in Pennsylvania.