Pictures from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

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First order upon arrival-- survey the area.

Let' see.. uhm... how's the sand?

"Let's go swim now, dad!"

The shoreline during a high tide.

Lolo Gil applying sunblock.

Lola Velie, Mica, Jacob, Gica, and Lolo Gil, going to the beach after breakfast the next day. Joseph was at the camera.

"C'mon, Lola, let's!"

It's just a duck.

It's not a duck. It's Nigel!

Having fun in the sun. And sand.

Where is that crab?!

Taking a break from under the sun.

I wonder what's taking daddy so long in the shower.

Lolo Gil walked beyond the pier hoping to see topless women but found beer-bellied men instead.

Inside the house, after hours under the sun.

Mica, with Lola Velie, practising the "royal wave," in her Vietnamese outfit.

Relaxing at the porch.

Three generations.

"Alha! peanut butter sandwiches! Come out, rainbow."

Third day at the beach...still no nudies.

Dad, I think there's too much salt on my chips.

That's not salt...

We had a grand time watching the dolphins as they showed up in groups. It was like a dolphin display.

Inside what we guessed was the hangar then, at the Wright Brothers' Monument in Kitty Hawk.

View from outside.

Stone commemorating the first flight's anniversary.

The first flight flew a distance of 120 feet for 12 seconds on Dec. 17, 1903.

The Wright Brothers' Monument and air field.

Still at the Wright Brothers' Memorial Museum.

Jacob was just as attracted to these blondes as he was with the fish. North Carolina Aquarium at Manteo.

Bodie Island Lighthouse.

The historic Cape Hatteras Light Station.

Finding time to read.

We capped our vacation with time with family in Virginia.

Tita Mariet with the Gavino kids. Jacob looking on.

Tita Flory who flew in from Wisconsin, Ate Jophine, Lolo Gil, and Lola Velie.

With a smiling Mariela.

Taking a break from eating, Lolo Gil, Tita Flory, and our hostess, Ate Jophine.

Lotus flower in Kuya Gerry's new pond.

Mica, posing with Nicholas, just before we drove home to New York.

Dad, can I ride this car to New York? Pleeeease?!