Melissa and Billy's Wedding

10 January 2004,  Washington, D.C.


Melissa Marie Phillips became Mrs. William Harrison McGraw IV in a beautiful and solemn ceremony at the Dahlgren Chapel in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.  on that very cold morning on 10 January 2004.    It was a special occasion not only for what it was, but because it was an opportunity to be with family whom we seldom see.  Some flew in from L.A., Reno, Sacramento, San Jose, Tampa, Milwaukee, Columbus, Chicago, and Vancouver.  Some drove from West Virginia and New York,    The reception was a short (and fast!)  walk from the Chapel.  It lasted for about 4 hours, but the celebration did not stop there.  A party was held at the newlywedís residence where everyone just had a good time.  There was singing and dancing and crabs galore!  Although Tito Bill and Tita Amuer hosted breakfast the day after the wedding, there was just not enough time to spend with everyoneónow thatís something we wish we had more of. 

     Congratulations, Billy and Melissa, and our wishes for a blessed life together!