Jacob  &  Mica  in   California

First stop:  LA      Vacation'05.wmv

Visiting Lola Puring, Tita Oly, Tita Baby, and Tita Nimfa in their North Hills home.

Straight from LAX, we headed to North Hills and had dinner with Lola Puring, Tita Nim, Tita Baby, Tita Oly, Tito Lando, Lora, and Ryan.

Waiting outside Tito Louie's house in Irvine, CA, where we stayed for the first part of our vacation.

This picture was just before we went to our Sunday Barbecue in Foothill Ranch with Tito Bocboc, Tito Arnold, and the Chuanicos.

A really cool park just a few steps from Tito Louie's house.

So, this is why they're not serving the barbecue yet...


Tito Gerry, Kuya Carl, and Tito Boc.

...and not a lot of cooking getting done here...




Ate Ida, Tita Nancy, Mommy, and Tita Evelyn.

Here's an after-a-really-good-meal-smile from everyone. (picture courtesy of Tito Jim)

Oh, wait a minute, where are Tito Boc, Tito Arnold, Kuya Carl, Bryan, and Nigel?

Waiting for the next meal with Tito Jim.

So, Nigel is my cousin, and Branden my nephew??? How's that again?


Playing and getting to know Kuya Nigel and 2-year old Branden.

Having fun with little Bailey.

At last, we finally got to the "Happiest Place on Earth."


We were off to Disneyland the day after the barbecue in Foothill. Tito Lando and Tita Oly met us early so we see as many places as we could in one day.

Oh, I've seen this place...Fantasyland! Come on, Dad, let's go!

Why can't we just go in?



Just outside Fantasyland.

Hiiiiyyyyy---- !! Hiiiiyyyyy---!

Nice try, mom.

Getting ready for the rest of the day.

I can't take my eyes off her!

That was one good nap! You can just tell by the smile on our faces.

Okay, let's move it, Jacob!


Mica, sitting behind a carriage.

It's bye-bye LA.


We took one more picture with Tita Evelyn before we hit the road. Tito Gerry was photographer.

Next stop:  City of Solvang

Is it there where the little red hen had her wheat milled?

Solvang, The Danish Capital of the US.

Are the windmills causing all the wind, dad?

I don't know about you, Jacob, but I'm off to find that little red chicken. She must still be here somewhere...

Here, dad, please take a picture of me here.

Mom, do you REALLY own this place?


Cafe Angelica.

Come on, dad, let's see you in the picture, too.

Mr. Bird, would you give us a ride to San Jose? Now why that look?

Ostrichland, a short drive from Solvang.

Last  stop: San Jose, Sacramento, and San Francisco

Dad, look! Yummies!


Ripe, red cherries from Lolo Rody's backyard in Sacramento.


Splashing in the water with Lolo Rody.


It was the usual warm but windy day in Sacramento when we visited... perfect pool day.

The characteristic De Asis-smile.


Cousin Alan enjoyed the pool, here with his dad Tito Bobot.

Alas, warm water indoors felt good.

It was a little too windy to be in the pool so we all dipped in Lolo Rody's spa.

Saying buh-bye to Tita Lizzie, it was time once again to be on the road.

Oh, wow! A fire truck! Whooowh-whooowh-whooowh!

Tita Cecille and Tito Bobot took us to Kelley Park, SJ. We found this fire truck and coud not resist sitting behind the wheel.

Alan, rocking on a seal at the playground.

At the Japanese Garden with cousins, Kuya Lance and Alan, and mom.

"Geeez, my face feels hot."

"I need a drink"


Dad! Mom! Run!

Our last stop was San Francisco. On our first day there, Lolo Ninong took us to Ocean beach. The water was too cold to wade in so throwing sand was the next best thing (And that was exactly what this naughty boy had in mind.)

Time for a quiet play with Lolo NInong near Merced Lake.

Blowing bubbles with Lolo NInong.

A visit to SF would not be complete without visiting Pier 39.

Seals bathing in the sun at the Pier.

Daddy, with long-time ("old?" ) friends.

Before we left California, we went to Kuya's in San Bruno for dinner with Tito Randy (Pendon), and Tita Heidi (Enriquez) and her family.