Todai we went to Manhattan

Todai... er.. today, we went to Manhattan to celebrate birthdays - Tita Nannette's, Tito Romy's, and Jinky's-- and Rhona Mae's graduation from her MA at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan.   We had our fill of sushi and a variety of  seafood at Todai.  After lunch, our groups separated and the four of us and Jinky walked to Grand Central Station.  On our way, we took these other pictures.

Mica, Rhona Mae, Jinky, Tita Nannette, Lloyd, Tito Romy, Gica, Jacob, John, Tricia, and Emily. Taking the picture is Joseph.

Same cast, same camera man.

The thank yous and long good-byes, just outside Todai.

A long line of police car along a street in Manhattan.

Tired from walking, but not from holding his favorite new toy, an advanced gift for his birthday.

Taking a rest in front of the New York Pulic Library.

Aslan, King of Narnia? Or, Is that you, Alex?

A ladybug caught our eyes.

"Can I put that one on my hair?"

A closer look at that same ladybug.

At the Grand Central Station looking for Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman.

It was a good day for ice cream.

Still clutching his Omnitrix F/X.

A wall at the Bryant Park Subway Station.