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Our visit to Sacramento & SanFrancisco

July 4,2008

Lunch by the pool in Sacramento. Kirstie, Jordan, Lance, Abba, Gilian, Mica, Mariela, Leila, and Nico.

With Tita Jophine and Jacob

In Tito Rody and Tita Cora's bahay kubo.

Jacob, Mica, and Mom Gica

July 4th fun.

Watching the kids, Tito Rolly and Kerry.

Raendy and Allan, not getting too close to the fireworks.

Kobe and Pinky and... Leila, is that you?

Jin and Nathan.

Tita Chael and Tito Lino. "Nope! don't wanna go near that either."

"How does this work? Lemme see..."

Kerry and Jordan.

Lance, Nathan, and Raendy, eagerly waiting.

"I'm ready! Get out of the way."


Can you see Tito Rolly and Tito Art?

Watching from the side.

"Let me have that."

Whose foot?

"Bleh! "

Tito Rey

"Me, too! Me, too!"



Tito Rolly, Tita Chael, Tita Jophine, Tito Rody, Tita Aida, Tita Cecille, and Tito Lino...

"Uh... hu dis?"

"Pool and bahay kubo? Crystal Springs!"

Nico, Allan, Mariela, and Mica, in the bahay kubo at night.


"Sorry, no autographs please."

"All aboard! in Old Sac.

Mr. Conductor.

Joseph and Nico

After the train ride, with Tito Rody.

In Old Sac

Tito Rody, ready to go to work.

The kids at the mall in Sac, with Lola Velie, Gica, and Tita Cora

Oh, just a fox with Jacob and Allan.

Taken in the morning, just before we left Sacramento for San Francisco.

Having lunch with Tita Chael and Tito Art. Uhm... Tito Art...? Tito Art...? Tito Aaaaart?!

At the Ghirardeli Square.

Yeah, still there.

Which one is easier to pull?

Windy, windy!

With Lola Ninang in front of their house in Daly City.

Waiting for their turn at the drawing board, Exploratorium.


Signing his name.

Joseph with Nesta, holding Leo the Lion.

Watch out! I'm a big boy now.

Tito Jason, Mom Gica, Mica, Lolo Ninong, Jacob, Lola Ninang, and Tito Allan.

Cold, early, early morning, waiting for the air train that will take us to the SF airport. Brrrr!

It's a double knock-out!!