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Our visit to Zion National Park &

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, June 30,2008

At the LV Airport.

We stayed at the Luxor in LV.

With cousin Randall at a Vietnamese restaurant.

Downtown LV with Randy, Marilyn, and Randall.

The "biggest TV screen in the world" covers four blocks of downtown Fremont Street.

On our way to Zion National Park in UT.

No wonder it's called Zion.

It was like waiting for God to speak in His thunderous voice as we looked open-mouthed at the beauty that surround us.

Inside the bus with Stan and Janet.

Temple of Sinewava, shuttle stop.

This is where we got off on our way to the river.

Off to The Narrows we are!

"I saved a bunch of money by switching to Lizzard."

Squirrels waiting to be fed followed us all over.

The Riverside Walk.

Moses... er....Jacob eagerly led us trekkers in this ice-cold water. With his stick, he did not want any help from any of us.

Are we there yet? We were hungry and hot and tired.

Thank God for shaded areas.

Looking up while balancing on rocks from the Riverside walk.

And we move on...

We decided to head back.

It's been almost three hours and we have not come close to The Narrows. It was getting late and we running out of food and water.

Back on the trail.

Jacob had to be helped up from falling after he tried to challenge the current several times. He had the most fun!

Outside the ZNP Visitor's Center.

The Zion- Mt. Carmel Tunnel.

At about 7 pm we said bye-bye to Zion.

Outside Zion National Park. The Checkerboard Mesa is what they call this.

Two hours later.... where did this come from?

We're here!

First stop: Sunset Point.

We got there by about 9 pm.

It was a little chilly.

Next day.

The Bryce Ampitheatre at Bryce Point.

Hoodoos are what the Pauite Indians called these. They believed that these were "Legend People" turned into stones as punishment for bad deeds.

Can you see the face?

Check out the hiking trails.

Just spectacular!

Erosion shaped these colorful sandstones, limestones and mudstones into this awesome array of spires, fins, and pinnacles.

The top of one of the hoodoos, up close.

First time on horse-back, at Ruby's Inn.

Towards the rim.

Over-the-armpit shot.

Camera-friendly Ravens.

View from the road, outside Bryce Canyon National Park.

Back in LV with Stan, getting ready to go to the airport.